Thursday, August 5, 2010

ottoman update

I have been helping my brother and sister the past week get settled into their new apartment and on the top of our list was reupholstering their living room ottoman.  It was in desperate need of an update! It was my mom's before she gave it to my sister and it had seen better days.  The color scheme we are using in their living room is olive green, turquoise, orange, and cream.  I thought the ottoman would be a great place to introduce a punch of orange.

Here's the start of the project- upholstering the base in a cream fabric:

My tools for this project:

The cushion upholstery fabric:

Upholstering the cushion:

The finished product:

I think it turned out pretty well considering neither my sister and I have ever done this before!


shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh wow, it came out great! I have an ottoman I would like to reupholster, you just gave me great confidence in myself! XO! said...

Really cute! I've been on the hunt for a cheap ottoman to recover too!

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