Thursday, July 1, 2010

monogram mania

I have come to realize that monogramming everything you own is a southern thing. People in other parts of the country don't really put their initials on everything like we do. I discovered this while trying to explain monogramming to someone who was not raised in the south...they didn't get it. Whatever...their loss!

Here's some great examples...from headboards to pillows to plates...there's nothing you can't put your stamp on! eclectic bedroom
image via houzz/ designer: bockman, forbes, + glasgow architecture + design

images via southern living

image via decorpad

image via three hip chicks

image via la plates


charm home said...

I love me some monograms. I think they work on almost everything. I just finished a job where I monogramed a bedspread for a little girl's room. Turned out so cute.

Have a great weekend! -c

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