Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pity party

My Monday was no good. Made a mistake at a client's and I am beating myself up about it. It's not a big one but I hate making them. So, I am having a pity party and I don't feel like doing much more than drinking wine and watching trashy reality tv!

I should be back to normal by tomorrow!


Angeline said...

It's o.k. Thanks for sharing 'cause we have all sure been "there!"

Tiffany said...

Wine and trash tv- you did the right thing girl! I made a mistake with a client, too yesterday so I know how you feel. I hope you feel better today!

charm home said...

Don't you hate that. I can't stand to make a mistake...especially one that can't be covered up easily. Drinking wine sounds like a good plan though. Hope your Tuesday is better! xoxo!

traci zeller designs said...

(((hugs))) It happens to all of us ... and we all feel that way!

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