Tuesday, May 3, 2011

house update

We've hit a few road blocks lately. So frustrating, but part of the building process!  The permitting process has been giving us headaches and we can't do anything until we have the permits.

First roadblock from permitting was a soil test that indicated wetlands...um, not sure where there could be wetlands because it is high and dry there. But, if wetlands are indicated, the EPC (Environmental Protection Commission) has to come out and verify there are/aren't any wetlands. Luckily, they came out last week and verified that the property is dry so we are good to go with that.

Then, there is the roadblock that we are the most worried about.  The County is stating that the lot has been "conceptually identified as significant wildlife habitat". Ok? What does that all mean? Turns out, the front corner is the part of the "significant" wildlife habitat. We have submitted a site plan with our other plans showing that we have no intentions of touching that corner of the property. So, our hope is that they will not make too big of a fuss about it and sign off on the plans.

This permitting stuff is crazy and nerve wracking! It can really hold a project up! We are already behind by a month due to these issues and we need them to be figured out asap!

Sp, that's where we are! I hope my next update is a photo of the concrete slab being poured!


Lori said...

So frustrating, but so exciting at the same time! You are living my dream! I would love to build another home someday.

Any plans to come to ATL soon?

Tiffany said...

Sorry for all of the frustration!! But things always seem to work out in the end and Im sure it will all be worth it. Thinking of you!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

wow...surprising and frustrating! I need to see a photo of this land, it sounds very interesting! Good luck with getting past this hurtle. Janell


Totally frustrating.....I know you want to get to the good part....and fast!

Lissa @ After Adornment said...

Ahhhh Permits. Either smooth sailing or one little thing holds up everything! Sorry to hear about the hold up. I agree with Janell....this must be one great piece of land. Hope things get moving for you soon!

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