Wednesday, December 1, 2010

home update

It's been awhile since I have talked about our new home and I thought I would give an update on process so far!

We have decided to wait and put our home on the market after the holidays. We thought it would just add a whole new level of stress.  My husband and I have met with 4 builders and I think we are close to making a decision on the builder. We actually really like the builders we have met which makes the decision even more difficult. I leave each meeting with my mind going a billion different directions! Everyone offers different things as standards and upgrades, they all have different pricing structures. Our budget is our budget and we want to be very mindful of that and not go over too much. So, there are decisions on what upgrades are necessities and what can be done later.

It is all starting to finally hit that we could be moving soon. I was unpacking the Christmas decorations the other day and it made me a little sad to know this is the last Christmas (most likely) we will be spending in our house. Our house has so many memories, especially with my daughter. It will be bittersweet when we sell!

So, there's my update! Here's a little winter eye candy...makes me long for a long, snowy day where there is nothing else to do but lounge in front of the fireplace (I know, not going to happen in Florida!!)...


Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Yes, this would be a hard decision, selecting a builder and I can't imagine having my house on the market during the holidays, that was a smart move. Loving the fireplace image...what a welcoming room!

abode love said...

Love, love this image... I love the zebra rug paired with the black and white armless chair- the patterns are fun together!

As for your upcoming decisions and dilemmas... I'll be crossing my fingers that everything goes off without a hitch! I'm sure it was a bit emotional getting ready for Christmas for the last time in your home... but so many new and wonderful changes in your future is also SUPER exciting!

Can't wait for the next update!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Moving always seems to be bittersweet . . . and so exciting rolled into one. I hope everything falls into place perfectly for you. Enjoy this special time in your home and thanks for the fun picture.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Good idea to wait until after the holidays so you aren't under any pressure and can just enjoy Christmas and focus on your family. I bet by the time your new house is close to completion, you'll be so ready to move in! :)

Kendra {House of Ficek} said...

Moving is hard enough without adding any additional stress, you are smarties! I dream of snow too, but not gonna happen {most likely}

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