Monday, September 27, 2010

nyc recap

So, I know everyone knows that I was in NYC last week for the Nate Berkus's a picture of me waiting for a cab.

This was my first time in New York and I am hooked! Already planning my next trip!! I am so glad I was able to make it and spend three days exploring the city.  I had a blast at the lunch organized by HGTV and it was so awesome to meet Emily from Design Star.  A bonus on Monday was getting invited to the Rue Launch Party at the New York Design Center.  I felt glamorous in my black dress and heels sashaying down Park Ave trying to catch a cab. I thought about turning on my 'Sex and the City' ringtone (from my phone) but that might have cheapened the moment ;)

With the oh-so fabulous Jaime Rummerfeld and Ron Woodson from Woodson and Rummerfeld {I was SCREAMING inside when I got this photo}

On Tuesday, I was able to go to an earlier taping of the Nate Show since my awesome roomie, Janell from Isabella and Max, was featured on a segment!! So, after spending a few hours back in the green room, we headed downstairs to get into the blogger audience.

Janell waiting for her small screen debut

 In the green room {hence the green settee}

I can't say it enough...I loved meeting all the bloggers!! Such a fabulous group of women!! After waiting in the audience holding area for a few hours, we finally got to into the studio. I was so lucky to be in one of the first few rows!! Got to see Nate up close and personal!

I know some were a little disappointed with their experience at the show but I had fun! It was something that I have never got to do before and I enjoyed seeing what goes into a talk show taping.  After bidding Nate adieu, I headed with all the ladies to this fabulous restaurant, The Collective, for the after party coordinated by Camila and The Nest.  I loved talking to everyone there and after getting myself all hopped up on champagne and cupcakes, I thought it might be time for some real food! Had a great dinner with new friends and my NY trip was over :(
I can't speak for all the other ladies but I returned with so much excitement about the past few days! I have never been more motivated in my life to become successful in all aspects, blogging, business, and design.  I felt rejuvenated and I hope to carry that feeling around with me forever! With the way I feel now, there is nothing that I can't accomplish!!


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Great post. I had fun too, so great to meet you.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Cute cute cute, glad you had fun.

shari @ little blue deer said...

This is so awesome, Jade! You know I met Dawn from The Alternative Wife this weekend and it blew me away, I felt like we had been friends forever! It is SO amazing to meet bloggers in the real world, it just made my weekend, I can't even express the awesomeness! So excited for you, I want to come next time! XX!

Cristin @ Simplified Bee™ said...

Jade, your post is darling! I loved that we met. Your blog is looking amazing. Keep up the great work.


Tiffany said...

Yours is the first post I've come across describing your experience in a positive way - so refreshing!

Sara Louise said...

I love 'your' waiting for the cab photo!

And you got to be close to Nate... jealous!! :-)

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience:)

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