Thursday, September 30, 2010

southern flourish

To close out my "Southern September" series, I want to introduce everyone to 'Southern Flourish'.  It's an e-magazine I stumbled across a few months ago.  It highlights what they like to call the "New" South, showcasing all the amazing talent we have here in the South.

This season's issue was particularly neat because it featured a lot of bloggers, including the couple behind Young House Love

My favorite article in the magazine had to be the one that featured interior designer, Beth Keim, and her Charlotte, NC home.  Like so many designers, she spends so much time making everyone else's space beautiful and welcoming, she had little time to make her own home inspiring.  So, she took on the task of repurposing everything in her home and updating her home's look.  It's so incredible what you can do with a fresh coat of paint and furniture you already have! Also, as a way to keep her budget in check, she sold what she didn't use and took the money to purchase a few key elements in the room {like that gorgeous gray sofa!}.


So, if you haven't had the chance to read Southern Flourish, hurry up! You won't be disappointed!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

guest post :: shari from little blue deer

Our last guest blogger for "Southern September" is Shari from Little Blue Deer.  She is one of the sweetest bloggers I have met since I started this journey a few months ago.  I can't tell you how touched I was by the first comment she ever made on my blog!! I still take that thought with me today and it keeps me motivated!

Shari lives in my favorite place in the South...Savannah, GA.  Her and her husband own a coffee shop in town.  So, I knew I would love her as soon as I saw Savannah and coffee!  Shari is going to share with us her favorite part of being southern- living in the Lowcountry and oyster roasts.  Sounds delicious! Enjoy!!


I am delighted to be posting here at Flip Flops and Pearls!  I love Jade, she's one of my favorite bloggers and I try to stop by and see her daily!  Living in Savannah, what is known as the Lowcountry, a favorite Southern activity is the oyster roast!  All you need are a boatload of fresh oysters, a pit for roasting, and about 50 of your closest friends!  Also, some Saltines, melted butter and hot sauce (and beer, if that's your thing!).  I adore roasted oysters, and generally eat my weight in them when given the opportunity!  Oyster roasts are such relaxed, casual affairs, my favorite are those held in the fall and early spring, I love to bundle up and stand by the fire in the crisp air!  I have included some photos of my in-laws' home in Bluffton, South Carolina, home of many an oyster roast.  Some of my favorite memories are here, I love how it sits high on a bluff over the May River, I love to sit on one of the benches, look at the river, and consider how fortunate I am to be a Southern girl!  Thank you again, Jade! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am so excited about this place I can't even wait until Friday to list it as a favorite find.  I finally got a chance to visit Marketplace Interiors on Friday and it was love at first sight!!! Marketplace Interiors is about 2 miles from my office and I can't believe I had never been in.  It is a place for designers and retailers to sell their furniture and accessories they don't have a place for.  Each vendor has their own 8 x 10 "stall" and they all have their own unique look.  You don't even know how many things I wanted to take home with me!!! Trust me, I am seriously debating another trip next week to purchase a table I fell head over heels for!!

If you are anywhere near the Tampa Bay area, you have to make it a point to stop by Marketplace! There are open to the public but also offer interior designers a discount on their merchandise.  You will not be disappointed!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

nyc recap

So, I know everyone knows that I was in NYC last week for the Nate Berkus's a picture of me waiting for a cab.

This was my first time in New York and I am hooked! Already planning my next trip!! I am so glad I was able to make it and spend three days exploring the city.  I had a blast at the lunch organized by HGTV and it was so awesome to meet Emily from Design Star.  A bonus on Monday was getting invited to the Rue Launch Party at the New York Design Center.  I felt glamorous in my black dress and heels sashaying down Park Ave trying to catch a cab. I thought about turning on my 'Sex and the City' ringtone (from my phone) but that might have cheapened the moment ;)

With the oh-so fabulous Jaime Rummerfeld and Ron Woodson from Woodson and Rummerfeld {I was SCREAMING inside when I got this photo}

On Tuesday, I was able to go to an earlier taping of the Nate Show since my awesome roomie, Janell from Isabella and Max, was featured on a segment!! So, after spending a few hours back in the green room, we headed downstairs to get into the blogger audience.

Janell waiting for her small screen debut

 In the green room {hence the green settee}

I can't say it enough...I loved meeting all the bloggers!! Such a fabulous group of women!! After waiting in the audience holding area for a few hours, we finally got to into the studio. I was so lucky to be in one of the first few rows!! Got to see Nate up close and personal!

I know some were a little disappointed with their experience at the show but I had fun! It was something that I have never got to do before and I enjoyed seeing what goes into a talk show taping.  After bidding Nate adieu, I headed with all the ladies to this fabulous restaurant, The Collective, for the after party coordinated by Camila and The Nest.  I loved talking to everyone there and after getting myself all hopped up on champagne and cupcakes, I thought it might be time for some real food! Had a great dinner with new friends and my NY trip was over :(
I can't speak for all the other ladies but I returned with so much excitement about the past few days! I have never been more motivated in my life to become successful in all aspects, blogging, business, and design.  I felt rejuvenated and I hope to carry that feeling around with me forever! With the way I feel now, there is nothing that I can't accomplish!!

monday musing

Friday, September 24, 2010

favorite find of the week 9.24 {and a giveaway}

My favorite find of the week is all the blogging friends I got to meet this week...I was lucky enough to be invited to the Nate Berkus show on Tuesday and the bloggers attended en masse!  I was on cloud 9 meeting all the fabulous ladies (and a few gentlemen)!!! What a beautiful group!

With the Moggit Girls, Will from Bright Bazaar, and Michelle {Holley & Gill}

With Cassandra {coco + kelley} and Emily Henderson, HGTV's newest Design Star

Rachel from La Bella Bungalow and I 

Janell {Isabella and Max}, me, Beth {Hello Lover}, and Marianne {Haven and Home}

I can't believe all the time I spent with Lakeitha from Home to 3 Duncan Boys and I didn't get a picture with her!!!! Ugh...she knows I am horrible with pictures :)

I met so many awesome ladies and I am bummed that I didn't get pictures with all of them!! Please, if any one has any, please please email them to me!

I will be doing my NYC/Nate Day recap next week :)

On another note, Taylor from Undomestic Momma is hosting a giveaway for me today...head over for your chance to win an e-design room makeover from yours truly!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

guest post:: cristi from charm home

I am so excited to have Cristi  from Charm Home as my guest blogger today! Her blog is one of the very first blogs I started reading and she has provided me with so much advice over the past few months, I don't think I can ever thank her enough!!! 
While I recover from my whirlwind trip to New York, Cristi is going to talk about her favorite Southern trends.  Enjoy!!

"Southern Trends"
Hi Flip Flops & Pearls readers!  My name is Cristi Holcombe and I write the blog Charm Home.  I'm so excited to be here doing a guest post for Jade's "Southern September" series.  I've been a huge fan of her blog ever since the beginning she started it and I've really loved reading about all things southern this month.  Especially since she's posted about some of my favorite southern things.

Being a southerner is something I'm extremely proud of.  For those of you who don't know me, I've lived in the South my entire life.  I grew up in a small town in Central Alabama called Slapout.  Yep, I did say Slapout.  I lived on a farm with chickens and buffalo and horses...the whole bit.  I was a real farm girl.  Sometimes I think it's crazy that I ended up being an interior designer in the big southern city of Atlanta, but I always knew I was a city girl trapped in the country. 
When I think of the South I think of big yards, antebellum homes and huge oak trees.
But, when I think of interiors in the South, a handful of trends come to mind that really signify southern design. 

1.  Farmhouse Sinks

2.  Farmhouse Tables

3.  Decked out sunrooms

 4.  Birds

5.  Valances

Thanks for having me over Jade!  Hugs, -Cristi

Monday, September 20, 2010

woo hoo

I am so excited about what I have planned this week! I landed in NYC yesterday and will be here until Wednesday all because of this guy...

That's right Nate Berkus!! I was invited to be a part of his design blogger audience and I couldn't be happier!!  I am so excited to see him but also to connect with a lot of you blogging ladies I talk to on a daily basis! 

So, I will be gone from my blog for a few days but I will be back with tons of pictures and stories!!!

monday musing

Friday, September 17, 2010

favorite find of the week 9.17

My favorite find of the week is almost everyone's favorite this week...Rue Magazine! It just went live yesterday after months of anticipation.  The founders and editors, Crystal Gentilello {Plush Palate} and Ann Sage {City Sage}, should be so proud of themselves for putting together such a beautiful magazine!  It's crazy to think that Rue came about only last year as an idea and with tons of hard work and long hours , it has become a reality!! 

I am only through the first 75 pages (, why do you have to get in the way of reading) but I can't wait to finish it today! Here's a sampling of what I have seen so far...

What did you ladies think of the new magazine?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

garden and gun

Garden and Gun has got to be my most favorite of all the Southern lifestyle magazines.  If you have never heard of it or read it, please do! It truly encompasses all of the, design, city profiles, fishing, hunting, it's crazy how many things they talk about! I love it because my husband and I both love the magazine and find so many interesting things every time we pick it up. So, for my husband and I to agree on something, it's worth a thumbs up in my book!

It has come close to the magazine graveyard (RIP Domino) but come back from the brink and is up for several publishing awards.  So, please please, read it, subscribe...we can't let a good one get away!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

designer crush {southern edition}: capella kincheloe

Capella Kincheloe is a very new introduction to me...I just heard about her last week but I was in love instantly.  She worked for Michael S. Smith before starting her own company in Atlanta earlier this year. So, you know with experience working with such a great designer, she surely picked up some tips on the way!

Although her design business is just starting, her portfolio showcases her great style...