Friday, October 29, 2010

blog love

I am going to take a little departure from my favorite find of the week on Friday and talk about all the amazing blog love I have received over the past few weeks! I am so honored that all these people asked me to guest post, show a favorite room, or just show me some love! It makes my heart burst and leaves a big smile on my face all day long! I have to remember this feeling whenever I get discouraged about things...these posts remind me I am doing something right!

Here's a rundown of the posts...

My favorite things in my own home at Haven and Home

My bedroom on Leah's blog, The Way We Are

A recap of a recent post on my love of tufted furniture at Storibook Designs

Blog Love for Courtney at A Thoughtful Place

I love all the above blogs as well so head on over and check them out!!!!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend...don't eat too much candy!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

designer crush :: jennifer dyer

I have seen the work of Jennifer Dyer and her firm, Jeneration Interiors, pop up here and there in some other blogs. Jennifer is a very talented designer with a very impressive portfolio. She doesn't subscribe to one design style, instead choosing to verse herself in each one.  There's a touch of traditional, a touch of modern, and a little unexpected thrown into every design.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

recap of kravet social media panel

I had so much fun at the Kravet Social Media Seminar yesterday.  Jennifer Powell, Kravet's social media coordinator, is such a sweetheart and made us all feel at home talking about a subject not a lot of people know about.  The other two panelists, Melissa Shapiro Allen and Pam Durkin, were great.  All of us brought our strengths to the table in order to make a well-rounded panel.

Social media is still scary territory for so many but it is the future of business. It boggles my mind that someone would miss out on all the great opportunities just because they don't want to devote a few hours a week to grow their business! Yes, it can be time consuming; yes, it can be confusing at times, but the payoff is so worth it! I truly believe in the power of social media and I hope that I was able to bring that energy to the panel and the attendees.

The biggest point I tried to stress in the discussion was "You get what you give".  If you aren't putting 100% into your blog, it will be obvious. If you aren't taking the time to get to know your readers and cultivate relationships, you won't succeed.  You also can't solely start a blog, Twitter account, or Facebook page and expect readers, followers, or fans to come pouring in.  There is an investment of time that is required-- you will never be able to put a dollar amount on the time you have spent or a direct dollar amount on the amount of business you have received from these outlets.  The other point I tried to stress is that if you aren't out there making yourself known, someone else is and they are going to take your potential business. Clients are much more savvy these days and go to places like Twitter and Facebook to find potential designers.

I was so honored to be a part of this and I hope I was able to help others understand it all! I know I learned from yesterday!  Kravet's next stop is Atlanta (today!) with panelists Erika from BluLabel Bungalow and Claire Watkins from High Gloss Blue.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

featured on 'the way we are'...check out my favorite place in my house

I am so thrilled to be a part of Leah's, The Way You Are, series on her fabulous blog. She is such a sweetie and I love seeing all the great stuff she does around her home!

Check out my guest post here :)

very exciting

I am super excited about my day today! I am a panelist for Kravet and their Social Media seminar!

Yep, that's my name under panelists :)

This truly is a testament to the power of social media.  I was invited to be a part of the seminar while I was in NY, and what got me to blog. See social media working at it's finest! I will fill you in on the panel later this week!

Also, I am not sure if all you other bloggin' ladies have heard about Lavish's an "unconference" for lifestyle bloggers. It is in Atlanta, Dec. 10-12.  I am so excited to be officially registered for the conference and I can't wait to learn all the tips and tricks of social media from some of the blogosphere's finest!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

monday musing

Friday, October 22, 2010

favorite find of the week 10.22

Last week, I received an email from Christen introducing me to her new collection, Christen Maxwell.  Her collection is made up of home accessories centered around her fabrics.  There are great pillows, lamps, furniture, and fabric by the yard.  Her items have a modern, organic feel to them and could put a twist to any traditional setting. 

Totally unrelated, but did any of you see this segment on the Today Show yesterday?  So incredible and inspiring! Kids are so much more brilliant than we give them credit for!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

california cool

I loved this month's issue of House Beautiful for so many reasons. First, all the blogger love, there was a glimpse in the closet of Nicole from So Haute and a great party tip from Jessica from The Love List. So cool!  I really loved the features in this issue with the home in Cashiers, NC to the NYC apartment by Phoebe Howard and this gorgeous home in Central California.

It has such an easy elegance to it and the view is AMAZING! The interior designer, Suzanne Tucker, did a phenomenal job of bringing the outdoors in.  The home boasts a dining pavilion, which is connected to the house by an arbor covered in wisteria. Such a unique and beautiful idea.  The outside is just a beautiful as the inside with a stone fireplace that will keep you cool on those California nights.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

bachelorette pad

So, I know I am a little behind on this but I have been dying to blog about the feature in Rue Magazine showing their editor-in-chief's, Crystal Gentilello, fabulous apartment in Chicago.  It is to die for! She truly has an amazing gift and she is going to go so far in this world.

First of all, the exterior to this building is so looks more like a place in a quaint European village, not what I picture in a metropolis like Chicago.  Inside, Crystal has created a soft, feminine space that is dripping with understated elegance and sophistication.  In her own words, Crystal describes her style, "I gravitate towards the classic over the trendy, quality over quantity, and restraint over indulgence."  Very well-said and true once you see what her apartment looks like.

Crystal recently announced she will be relocating from Chicago to San Francisco in order to be closer to the other Rue founder, Anne Sage.  I can't wait to see what Crystal's new place looks like...I know it is going to be out of this world amazing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fall in the air

This past weekend, we were very lucky to have gorgeous weather.  The temps were perfect, humidity was low, there was definitely a hint of fall down here in Florida.  All this weather had me inspired to create a fall inspired room.

The thoughts of these...

Create a room like this...

Need a little help in your home? I am available for online design consultations as well as in home consultations for those located in the Tampa Bay area...Email me today at!

Monday, October 18, 2010

monday musing

Friday, October 15, 2010

favorite find of the week 10.15

Last week, a fabric rep of mine told me about Sarasota Architectural Salvage.  She promised a warehouse full of great finds and she was right!! I made the hour trip south to Sarasota on Monday with another designer friend of mine who had never been.

The place was tucked in a few side streets and when we pulled up this is what we saw...

At first, I thought the letters were cool and then the wings caught my eye, then the wine rack,  yep this place is dangerous!

Sarasota Architectural Salvage is in a huge warehouse filled with to the brim with stuff.  Not just any kind of stuff, it is filled with the stuff that makes my designer heart sing!  Lighting fixtures, old doors, columns, windows, iron gates, everywhere I turned, I found another treasure just waiting to be found.

Of course, I found a gator hiding out...

My friend and I absolutely LOVED this place and will definitely go back! It is the perfect place to find unique things for your home.  Make sure you keep your eyes wide open because there is so much to take in and so many odds and ends! I know every area has their own architectural salvage yard, I urge you to go find yours!! These kind of places are so much fun!

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned...several of my best girlfriends and I are going to a concert tonight.  I love girls' nights and this one promises to be a blast!