Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Organized Life

I have just returned from my trip to Denver to visit family. One of my favorite places to visit while I am there is The Container Store. I, unfortunately, don't have one close to me and the only time I go is when I am in Colorado since it is down the road from my sister's. The Container Store is a organized person's mecca...storage and nifty gadgets galore. I want to reorganize my whole life when I step in there. For the most part, I am an organized person. But I do have a dirty little secret...my kitchen pantry is a disaster zone. I have a fantasy where all my baking items, rice, pasta, and cereal are all in pretty see-through containers, all my canned goods in order and all the junk that has made it's way to the top shelf gone!

                                                               image courtesy of Cooking Light/ Photo: John O' Hagan

                                                                              image courtesy of Woman's Day


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